PhonePe, Google Pay UPI PIN and How to Change?

Phonepe and Google Pay UPI PIN

Without a bank UPI PIN, any online payment app like PhonePe, Google Pay or BHIM can not be transacted online, in a secure manner if you have set your UPI PIN and you want to forget it or reset it . So you are in the right place. We are going to talk about how to change UPI PIN. Or can you reset, update?

What is UPI PIN?

This is a secret key that is used to make your bank account more online transaction, without it we can not send any funds from UPI apps.

The UPI-PIN is a code of 4-6 digit which is set when linking the bank account. Any user can set up any PIN according to their own and it is different for everyone’s bank.

UPI PIN full form

What is UPI? We have talked about this before, its full name is Unified Payment Interface and PIN is the full name of Personal Identification Number.

Because of the Unified Payment Interface, a new revolution has come into online payment and any user can easily send or receive any payment online without sharing their bank credentials.

Top UPI Apps

With these apps, you can setup a bank account PIN, you can create a UPI address, to receive payment and I am going to tell you about UPI PIN Change and Reset of all three here.

Why UPI PIN Change / Reset?

There are a number of reasons why we may need to change PIN or change. Some of the main reasons are.

  • The most common problem with us is that we have forgotten to set our bank’s PIN and we can not handle the correct PIN without having to change the PIN.
  • If someone has come to know about the PIN, in this case, it is necessary to change the PIN according to the security, because anyone with PIN can send money to your phone.

How to Reset/Change UPI PIN?

Many customers are not aware of this and because of this, they have to remove them from their account app.

But if you use Google Pay, PhonePe or BHIM app and want to change or reset any of these PINs, then you can update here using 3 different methods.

Google Pay UPI PIN Reset/Change

Google Pay, which we all know as the first Tez, is one of the most popular and safe UPIs in India and many people use it to pay online if you want to change or change the Google Pay account PIN. If you want it, there are two ways.

Reset PIN :

Reset PIN
  • Open the Google Pay App
  • Click on Profile Photo.
  • Click Payment Method option.
  • Click on the bank whose PIN you want to reset.
  • Click on the Forget UPI PIN link.
  • Now create a new UPI PIN.
  • PIN will be created on your register phone number by entering an OTP.

Change PIN :

Change PIN
  • Open the Google Pay App
  • Click on Profile Photo.
  • Click Payment Method option.
  • Click on the bank whose PIN you want to reset.
  • Click on the UPDATE UPI PIN on the right side corner and click on the line 3 dot
  • Create a new PIN

Reset PhonePe UPI Pin

PhonePe is also like Google Pay and in almost this way we can pin pin your bank account on PhonePe apps.

  • Open the PhonePe app and click on the menu icon.
  • Click on the Bank Account option.
  • Now click on Reset UPI PIN from here.
  • Enter the last 6 digits of the Debit Card and the expiry date of the card.
  • Now register an OTP on your register phone number and enter it.
  • Set up a new UPI PIN here.

The same process is also for BHIM UPI, so I do not think it would be necessary to tell you about it. You can set yourself by looking at the steps.


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