Snap Stories will Come soon Tinder Profiles & Other Apps


If you’re a Snapchat devotee, then you’re going to be psyched to learn that Snap Stories are coming to Tinder and other apps like Houseparty and Adventure Aide. Variety reported that the announcement about the new feature dubbed App Stories was made during Snapchat’s first Snap Partner Summit in Los Angeles on April 4, 2019. Snap CEO Evan Spiegel reportedly noted that the move is an attempt to make the virtual world more people friendly. “Our camera lets the natural light from our world penetrate the darkness of the internet,” Variety quoted Spiegel as saying.

“The internet started as a military research project. It’s just not our natural habitat. But as we use the internet more and more in our daily lives, we need a way to make it a bit more human.” The new features are part of Snap Kit, which already allows snapchatters to send Bitmoji in Tinder chat, according to the Snapchat news center. While no official release date has been announced for App Stories, it’s likely that you’ll be able to start sharing your Snap Stories to Tinder and other third-party apps sometime before the year is over.

Why reinvent the wheel of Stories, Bitmoji, and ads when you can reuse the original? A high-ranking Snap executive told me on background that this is indeed the strategy. If it’s going to invent these products, and others want something similar, it’s smarter to enable and partly control the Snapchatification than to try to ignore it. Otherwise, Facebook might be the one to platform-tize what Snap inspired everyone to want.

The “Camera company” corrected course and took back control of its destiny this week at its first ever Snap Partner Summit in its hometown of Los Angeles. Now it’s a camera platform thanks to Snap Kit. Its new Story Kit will implant Snapchat Stories into other apps later this year. They can display a more traditional carousel of your friends’ Stories, or lace them into their app in a custom format. Houseparty’s Stories carousel shares what your buddies are up to outside of the group video chat app. Tinder will let you show off your Snapchat Story alongside your photos to seduce potential matches. But the camera stays inside Snapchat, with new options to share out to these App Stories.

Adventure Aide is another app that promotes IRL experiences. “It’s about people connecting through their passions and experiencing the best of life together,” Adventure Aide explained on its website. Snapchat’s partnership with these three apps means that you’ll soon be able to share content with other users virtually even when you’re not together physically. Aside from promoting more togetherness, Engadget reported that Snapchat executives told them that the integration could encourage more people to create Snapchat accounts.

If you’re not currently on Snapchat, and you start to get FOMO after seeing your matches share their Snap Stories on Tinder, you’ll have to create a Snapchat account in order to join in because you can only post App Stories from Snapchat. While only three apps have been confirmed for App Stories so far, Snapchat said in its news section that app developers can apply to be part of the new feature.

“Snapchat is one of the most used cameras in the world — on average, daily active Snapchatters open our camera over 20 times each day, and over 3 billion Snaps are created each day,” the news release noted. “By integrating Story Kit and adding Stories to your app, developers like you can now tap into Snapchat’s camera engagement to enrich the experiences on your platform.”

Snapchat also announced Creative Kit for Web, which will allow Snap users to share articles to Snapchat. “With Creative Kit for Web, publishers can add a Share to Snapchat button to their website so Snapchatters can easily share articles and other content. Each shared Snap will have a custom branded Sticker as well as a link to drive traffic back to the original website,” Snapchat said in a news release.

While it seems like these new features are designed to help Snapchat generate more users, some of the additions sound like they’ll definitely enhance your experience on other apps. Keep your eyes peeled for more news about App Stories in the coming months.


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