“Spring Temple Buddha” – world’s second largest giant statue

Spring Temple Buddha

Spring Temple Buddha Location

This statue of Lord Buddha was established in the year 2002 in place of Lu’an in Henan province of China.

Spring Temple Buddha Height

Let us tell you that the height of this statue of Lord Buddha is 153 meters. While the statue of “Statue of Unity” is 182 meters in length in the Narmada district of Gujarat, the Iron Ore Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

The statue of Lord Buddha, which is included in the world’s highest statue, has been recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The statue of Lord Buddha stands in two structures, “Diamond seat” and “Sumuru seat” – if both of these are combined then its height would be 208 meters.

This Statue of Buddha, recorded in Guinness World Records, stands in two seats. Each of which has a multi-layered building.

Lord Buddha is clearly located in the Fodunicic area as the main attraction. Although there are some other little things to look at – such as the Folkan Temple, Good Luck Bell, and the Yoshan Fuquan hot spring center below the Buddha statue.

Spring Temple Buddha Construction

Visitors who visit here from far off and entertain.

Such a huge image of Lord Buddha is made of 108 kilograms of gold, 3,300 ton of copper alloy and 15,000 ton of steel. Visitors who visit this idol can touch the toes of the statue and realize how big this statue really is.

Let us tell you, to reach the statue of this tallest Buddha, you have to go through a total of about 1000 steps.

If you find this distance too far to reach here or it seems that you get tired of so much stairs, then there is no need to worry about it, because there is a facility of a mini bus which includes a very low cost You can reach the statue very easily.

On the other hand, in 2001, after the destruction of Bamiyan Buddha in Afghanistan by the Taliban, the temple of this Buddha was announced, which was then condemned by the Chinese government at that time.

This huge statue of Lord Buddha was completed in 2008. After this the announcement was made to build two buildings – Diamond seat and Sumeru seat under the statue.

At the same time, stairs were made to reach the highest statue of Lord Buddha. Tell you that by the year 2014, both the Diamond and Sumeru seats have been exterminated but are internally under construction.

It seems that this entire area was constructed to increase the number of tourists. But perhaps it is because of the low number of tourists that two buildings in it are still not complete.

Diamond seat itself is an interesting and thrilling building. It is made up of five segments. In each section, there are small Golden Spring Buddha temples. There are more than 5000 temples in it. There are about 6,666 mini Buddha.

However, the internal construction of Diamond Seat Building was not completed until 2014. To see this huge statue, tourists have to buy tickets.

After this, lot of tourists have to catch the lift from Kamal Padstal to Top. Where the camper can touch the toe of the statue of this giant Buddha and realize its magnitude.

The cost of this big project of Spring Temple Buddha was estimated at around $ 55 million. Out of which $ 18 million came on the Statue.

There is also a Buddhist monastery under this giant statue. Visitors come from far and wide to see this statue and see the wonderful statue of Lord Buddha.

Whoever sees this giant statue He can not live without praising it. In fact, in every aspect of making this idol, attention has been given with nuances, which is commendable.


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