What is Affiliate Marketing? & How to earn money from it?

What is Affiliate Marketing? & How to earn money from it.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

It also knows the names of CPA / S ie Click Per Acquisition or Sale. This is a way of marketing, in which you recommend a company’s product through any of your online sources such as Blog, YouTube Channel, Facebook, WhatsApp.

If someone purchases a product you have recommended, then the company gives you some commission. This can vary by commission product.

For example- If the price of a product is Rs 5000 and the company is giving a commission of 10% on that product. So if you recommend this product on your blog, Facebook page / group, WhatsApp Group And if someone purchases this product through your recommendation. Then you will get Rs 500 as a commission by the company.

Some important information about Affiliate Marketing

  • If you have a blog or website, you can use Adsense and Affiliate Network together. This will not affect your Adsense policy.
  • To make money from Affiliate Business, it is not necessary to have a blog or a website. You can also earn money through Facebook Group / Page, WhatsApp Group or Direct Recommend.
  • There is no money to join any affiliate program in India. If you find an affiliate online that takes the money to create an account, then you understand. That is not an affiliate program and you do not get involved with it.

Best Affiliate Marketplace

Well there are many online affiliate markets in India, but what I use and from whom I have made money, according to me, it is the best Affiliate marketing. for example..

  • Flipkart Affiliate Program
  • Amazon Affiliate Program
  • Bluehost Affiliate Program
  • Bigrock Affiliate Program

These are the best Internet Affiliate Markets, of which Bluehost & Bigrock is for Domain and Web Hosting. So it became specially for a blog or website,

But Flipkart and Amazon are for everyone, whether you have a blog or a website or not. You can use these two affiliate services. And I am about to tell about these two today.

Create Affiliate Account for free

Creating Flipkart and Amazon Affiliate Accounts is very easy. Just you can create an account by following some step.

Flipkart Affiliate Account’s Registration

        Step 1: First you click on “Flipkart Affiliate Program“.

        Step 2: Now you can enter your “Email Id” “Password” and click on “Register ME”

        Step 3: Now an Activation mail will be sent to your Email Address. Open it and click on the link given in it.

        Step 4: Your account has been created Now you can log in to Flipkart Affiliate Program.

    Step 5: After logging into account, you will get 3 option,

  • Account Details: This will give you all the information about yourself, such as name, address, PIN Code Ect.
  • Website Details: If you have a Website / Blog, you have to give information about it, such as Website / Blog Url, Type, Monthly Visits, Topic.
  • Payment Details: Please carefully consider this option as it will be paid in your account. Here you will have to give information about PAN Card, Bank Account Number, IFSC Code, Payment Mode. You will also need to upload a PAN Card and Address Proof.

Amazon Affiliate Account’s Registration

Step 1: Click on “Amazon Affiliate Program” first.
Step 2: Now by entering the Email id, select “I am a customer” option and then click on the “sign in” button.
Step 3: Now enter your name, password and click on “Create Account”
Step 4: Now you enter your name, address, the mobile number here, with this you will find 2 option and You select the first option in this account? You also select the first option in this. And then click on “Next”.
Step 5: Now you enter your blog URL here and then click Next.
Step 6: Now you submit your profile information and then submit it.

How to earn money from Affiliate Marketing?

With Flipkart & Amazon CPA Network, you can earn money in many ways, such as Blog / Website, YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp etc.

If you have a Blog / Website, you can also place Affiliate Network like Banner, Side Width, Button on your Blog / Website as an Ads Network.

For this you have to choose Width Size and add code to your blog.

Whenever a visitor clicks on your blog / website and purchases a product. You get a percentage of the price of that product.

Flipkart Affiliate Ad Code & Amazon Affiliate Link

If you wish, you can recommend the Product Purchase by sharing Direct Flipkart & Amazon Product Link on YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp.

If you do it with the Amazon CPA program, you will get a link from the product directly from its site. But if you do the Flipkart CPA program. So you have to follow 2 steps.

  • First you go to Flipkart Shopping Site and search for that product from there. Linked to you (For example- Lenovo Note 5, Nike Shoes,).
  • Now you copy the link to that product and then you log in to Affiliate Account.
  • Now you paste this link in “Link Generator” and click on “Go” option.


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