What is Google Codelabs and how to get admission?

What is Google Codelabs and how to get admission?

As we all know, Google has made a different name in the world of programming. Today is what she wants to work in Google. In such a situation, if you get an opportunity to learn to code from Google after 12th, then it is justified that no one can ignore it.

In such a situation, if Google is introducing any initiative on its behalf, then we should definitely participate in it. So today I thought about why you should give some information about what these Codelabs are and how to get admission after 12th, that will give you something to learn about them. So let’s begin without delay.

Why is Google Codelabs designed?

Google codelabs were designed so that they can help Google engineers to develop code in Google, for that they can also use Google best practices along with Google’s infrastructure. According to my opinion, this was such an initiative that Google introduced Codelabs to create awareness among people about coding.

Google Codelabs in India?

In India, Google started its first Codelabs in Andhra Pradesh. Andra Pradesh’s government established Google’s Codelabs to boost IT industry in their state. Google Codelabs is not currently available anywhere in entire India. For this work, Global IT giant Google chose Vasireddy Venkatadri Institute of Technology (VVIT) to set up its lab.

How to get admission in Codelabs 12th?

If you want to be a part of Google’s Codelabs, then you have to do something different for that. Because, as we know, everyone wants to be a part of this program, but a company can not have enough resources to enroll all those people together in this program.

In such a situation, they will have some eligibility criteria on which they choose the participants.

Coding is a topic in which only people who are interested in them should go. Otherwise, it can be a difficult topic for them too. To compute together, your mathematics should be a little stronger and your thinking should be slightly different.

By doing so, your coding may be better than others. The most important thing to do after this is that you have to have an open mind, because if you do not have the desire to learn things then you can never go back and build synergy with technology.

If you have the skills mentioned above then you can apply for this program, and if not, then you have to prepare for it right away. Did you know that you can also get a number for this program?


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