What is JIO Coin, its Launch Date, Price and How to Buy?

What is JIO Coin, its Launch Date, Price and How to Buy?

Jio Coin is a new Cryptocurrency similar to the other Cryptocurrency. To start this currency, Ambani Ji’s son Akash Ambani has taken a new initiative. Because they believe in the future, that is because cryptocurrency is probably going to play a major role in the future.

It is also reasonable to believe that because we have seen how people have shown their trust above Bitcoin. Therefore, he has created a team of 50 members to implement this work, which has considerable experience in relation to Blockchain and constantly engaged in making this currency a Successful Cryptocurrency.

In the future, Jio has thought of launching a lot of products, and they want people to use their new cryptocurrency (Jio Coin) to buy those products. They have thought of promoting this coin with many new offers ahead. It has been heard now that South Korea and China have banned these coin trading in their country, so Reliance Jio has already considered taking permission from the government, which he is going to make before his launch.

About JioCoin

Akash Ambani has been named the leader of this new project. Experts believe that this is a great time to launch new Cryptocurrency because Ripple has recently released the second position in the Cryptocurrency ranking list. As we know that Ripple is a very low-cost Cryptocurrency, it has gained popularity in a very short time. In the same way, we can expect the same profit from Jio Coin as well. The main reason behind Ripple’s success is that he has promoted this coin to promote mainly Asian countries, where India has the largest number of investors.

Jio Coin’s Launch Date

There is no official date announcement for the launch of this currency yet, but a very famous news portal Livemint has confirmed this new Cryptocurrency news. If any update comes about it, then you can get this information in Jio’s official website Jio.com. According to the sources, Blockchain has been selected according to the official Jio Coin’s platform.

What is the price of Jio Coin

It has been heard that the price or price of each coin has been fixed at about Rs. 64 / – which is similar to 1 USD. It is being reported by the experts that Jio’s share market value is going to rise after the cryptocurrency’s launch of this Jio Coin.

How to buy Jio Coin

Since Jio Coin has not been officially according to cryptocurrency, therefore, there is currently no way to buy Jio Coin. But there are many such Fake Websites on the Internet which guarantee to manage Jio Coin but do not trust them at any time. Let me just go and buy Jio’s official website “Jio.com”, but we have to wait for it to be officially announced by Jio.

The future of Jio Coin

People still do not know about Cryptocurrencies in the right way, they are still afraid to buy and use it. So, if Jio Coin is launched in the market then people will get more confidence in it and people will also be able to use it properly. So, according to me, the future of CryptoCurrencies like Jio Coin and it’s like is very bright.

It can only tell the time that the Jio Coin is moving forward, and if it was successful in doing this then it could bring the next digital revolution in India. We will pray that this is becoming a successful cryptocurrency of India, becoming more popular all over the world, and illuminating the name of our country.

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