What is the secret of the screaming cave of Niagara Falls?

Secret of Niagara Falls

There are no new suspicions about ghosts. the secret of the screaming cave of Niagara Falls. Ghost is the ghost? It has both answers and no.

For those who have faced such a situation in their life or have experienced such a thing, they are ghosts, but for those who have never been faced with such a situation, the answer will not be. However, there are some places in the world that are known for their bizarre haunting stories.

The secret of the screaming of Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a waterfall located on the border of the United States and Canada. This epic is located on the Niagara River.

In 1900, the cave was built 16 feet high and 125 feet long to turn the flow of water to farms. This cave is made up of the railway line connecting Toronto and New York near Niagara Falls in Canada.

Here, it is forbidden to fire in or around this cave, it is believed that there are two such accidents in the fire, whose fear Even today the people’s spirits are shaky, the cave still considers the people here as ghostie.

It was a coincidence that both of the victims of the accident were girls of the accident, the first incident happened here, it is said that a farm house near the south gate of the cave had once been set on fire, how did it fire?

It was a secret that kept the secret, but there was a girl living in the farm house in the grip of this terrible fire, the girl surrounded by flames, ran out of the farmhouse to help and jump into the cave in hopes of water.

Unfortunately, there was no water in the drought cave at that time, and it was dry, the girl burning with fire kept on crushing on the dry ground of the cave and broke her deadly temperament.

Many people living around there heard about his shouting, but no one came forward to help, after this incident, the southern gate of the cave was considered as haunted.

Because, it is believed that till now whoever matches there Or has tried to burn fire, he has died and thus this cave became famous as the ghost cave. Not only this

Apart from this, the history of this cave is associated with another painful incident, the victim of this second incident from Ittafaq was also a girl, people living around the cave say that one day a girl with some savage villains in the cave After raping.

The poor people used to put oil on that girl to hide their crime and set it on fire so that there was no evidence or witness against them.

At that time, the surroundings of the surroundings should be echoed by the crying of the girl, but because of fear, no one came here, at that time the people thought that it is the scream of the girl, before the painful death due to the fire.

When the people arrived there the next morning, everybody had found a burnt girl in the cave and after this incident, this part of the cave also joined scary places and people shouted even today.

People living around this cave say that even today if someone passes through the night, then they cry through the cave and smell the body with sobs, people believe that both girls in this cave Souls reside and are disturbed by light or fire, hence fire has been prohibited or burnt down.


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