World’s dangerous hackers who did not leave the US


Friends, in today’s world of technology, where our life has become easy, this same danger is also proving to us. Because some people abuse it. The way we can access data from anywhere in the world with the permission of our computer or phone, but in today’s world, some vicious data stole online. Whom we call black hat hackers. Today in this article we are going to tell you about the dangerous hackers in the world who have not left the US. So let’s know about those hackers.

Jonathan James

Born on December 12, 1983, Jonathan James was a hobby of computer since childhood. Jonathan had started hacking the computer since his school and college days. However, this hobby has taken a very dangerous form. Jonathan had captured all the US government documents online at the age of only 15, even taking all the files from NASA to his underwear. After this hacking, NASA has to shut down its computer system for about three weeks. But after that America’s cyber cell caught James, but he was released due to lack of adultism. But on January 17, 2007, Jonathan hacked the credit card details of millions of people. But this time, James refused to accept the accusations made by himself and shot himself.

Adrian Lamo

The second name that comes in our list is Adrian Lamo, born on 20 February 1981. They are also called homeless hackers. Adrian’s life was spent in extreme poverty. Adrian learned hacking with the help of a public internet connection and also banned Microsoft and The Times of New York’s security system. Then the warrant was issued against Adrian on the New York Times Complaint. After recovering, Adrian was fined $ 65,000 and was imprisoned for 6 months. Adrian then stopped hacking.

Owen walker

Owen Walker, who was born in New Zealand in 1989, is third in this list. This hacker has teamed up with many hackers of the world to create an international group, and spreading the world by creating a computer virus called akbat. According to an estimate, this virus caused a loss of 26 billion dollars. To find hackers, the FBI operated several operations with the help of New Zealand government and Owen Walker was captured. But Owen was not punished in any way as the Court believed that Owen Walker had not harmed anyone with criminal intentions, for this reason Owen Walker was released.


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